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Tree Climbing Competitions -

hosted by and Treecareireland

The entire set of over 300 photos taken by Wildlife Photographer, John Griffin are available here. These photos are a rare oppurtunity to see wild animals climbing trees in their native habitat!

Andy Hardiman from Sweden. He is a rare specimen indeed.

Access Workshop 6th June

The Access workshop on the 6th June was a success! A few seats were empty, but the new location at Kilcoole afforded us a safe and dry place to host the first of a series of new forum type events.

Jim Wall, Michael Crosbie, Seamus Culbert, Noel O'Connor, Stephen McMorrow and Patrick Tomkins all attended.

The Rain hammered down all day.


Kevin Birchall and Paul Spooner, the professional instructors running the workshop. Paul is demonstrating that his 'Foot-locking' Prussic knot is set correctly.

This is the full set up of the training workshop at the Tree Care Ireland Training centre in Kilcoole, Carlow. The mezzanine area above is the shop.

Paul Spooner is demonstrating access techniques under explanation from Kev, hiding behind the pole.

Our attentive but relaxed group of climbers.



Climbing Course 16th July 2009

Simon Smith, Justin Good and Ger Forde all completed their Treeclimbing and Aerial Rescue. They were all successful in their industrial Assessments and are now NPTC Qualified Tree-climbers. Well done Lads!